Yoga Retreats and Workshops

Workshops Designed to Nourish the Body and Soul of Women

Yoga Retreat and Workshops

Creating Balance on Your Yoga Mat and in Your Life Workshop

The focus of this workshop is to help women find balance in their lives, between work, kids, relationships, self-care, life commitments, etc. We will discuss ways to simplify and prioritize life. I will provide tools to help you make time for what’s important. You will discover what Yes’s are sacred in your life, and how saying NO is necessary to be happy.


Facing Fears and Embracing Change, Growing in Your Life Workshop

The focus of this workshop is to explore and discover what’s holding you back in life. This workshop will ask hard questions about fear of failure, fear of change, and how facing those fears will lead you to your true purpose, passions, and freedom in your life. This workshop will provide tools and small simple actions that can be taken to overcome change and the fear of failing.


A Year of Happiness, Creating a Treasure Map to Happiness Workshop

The focus of this workshop is incorporating the 7 factors that are most widely studied and proven to make people feel and be happier. They are purpose, community, health, freedom, trust, wealth and Service. You will create a happiness calendar for the year, and each month there will be one new habit which also becomes a challenge for you to focus on that specific behavior/habit, that’s proven to make you happier. When you add more of it into your daily life the goal and outcome is you will be happier. This is a great workshop when you want to keep it simple because you will have the same “focus” for an entire month.


Creating Calm and Feeling Joy Everyday Workshop

The focus of this workshop is gratitude and the impact living with a grateful heart, mind and spirit will have on your entire life. You will explore ways to actively practice gratitude, and cultivate a peaceful and joyful life.


All Workshops Are 2 Hours & Include:

Yoga, including Aroma Therapy Savasana
Journaling, Creating & Discussion
Minimum of 6 $30 per person