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Yoga: Mind, Body, Spiritual Practice

Yoga saved my life. Before I practiced yoga I was surviving my life just going through the motions. I started practicing yoga after the birth of my second child. Mostly to shed the baby weight and to have some “quiet” time without kids. My yoga journey took me by surprise as it became so much more than a physical practice. My yoga practice became a body, mind, and spiritual practice. Yoga provided me balance and purpose in my life. As my practice deepened, yoga lead me to the gift of intentional living. I now live each and every day with purpose, intention, being present and with so much gratitude. I had to share yoga with other women, and that’s why I decided to get certified to teach yoga. I am so thankful I get to share the joy of yoga with others. I truly believe that yoga transforms people’s lives. It certainly did mine. Yoga opens doors to a life with deep gratitude, and love.

Why Do I Do Yoga?

Why Do I Do Yoga?

Why Do I Yoga? Why do I do yoga? Well it’s pretty simple without yoga I am bat shit crazy. I am quite certain my husband would agree. He has always supported my time and need to go to yoga because he knows yoga makes my soul happy, and we all know the...

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