Why Do I Yoga?

Why do I do yoga? Well it’s pretty simple without yoga I am bat shit crazy. I am quite certain my husband would agree. He has always supported my time and need to go to yoga because he knows yoga makes my soul happy, and we all know the saying “happy wife, happy life.” I was able to manage life with 4 kids, 2 businesses, 2 houses and a whole lot of laundry, thanks to yoga. Sometimes it’s not done with grace and patience, but thanks to my yoga practice I do life daily with intention, gratitude and positivity.

Yoga is not just repetition of few postures – it is more about the exploration and discovery of the subtle energies of life.

Amit Ray

I heard a lady on Oprah say she was able to shift her mindset and find joy while she did her kids laundry. She would hold up a pair of baseball pants and say, “I am so thankful little Johnny plays baseball and I get to watch him play wearing these pants.” I am not there and not sure I strive to have that relationship with my kid’s dirty clothes. I certainly like that gals mindset though and I know it to be my truth that the one thing I can always control is my breathe, mindset and attitude all which I learned from my yoga practice.

Yoga does not make my life perfect, and I am not trying to sell you that my life is perfect. I am sharing with you that because of my yoga practice, and what I learn about myself on my mat I am able to live with more intention and gratitude off my mat.

I am living a life I love surrounded by people I love and experiences I enjoy. Thanks to yoga my heart is full of gratitude. Thanks to yoga I take time to slow down everyday and savor stillness. Thanks to yoga I am present in my life. Thanks to yoga I choose joy, forgiveness, compassion, love. Thanks to yoga my kids have a mom who is fully awake, fully alive, fully engaged with them. Thanks to yoga my husband has a wife who strives to meet his love languages and is able to connect with him on a deep, intentional, level. Thanks to yoga I am truly happy for no specific reason, just full of joy. I want to share that with you my friends. Your path to joy may not be yoga. Yoga was my path to find happiness and my purpose, but I want to help you discover your purpose here on this Earth. What’s your yoga?

Much Love & Gratitude,


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