Water Your Lawn

I love my husband more today then when we first started dating. I love him more today then the day he asked me to marry him. I love him more today then I did on our wedding day. I love most everything about him minus a couple annoying habits that I will spare you all from knowing.

I am writing this post today because statistics show over 50% of marriages fail and that means families fall apart. Please don’t message me about abusive or terrible marriage situations when someone needed to leave for their safety. I am not advocating women staying in those situations. I want to share with you that fairytale madly truly deeply love is possible. You can have a marriage like Noah and Allie from the Notebook, but you must water the grass in front of your house. When you neglect your grass it dies and turns brown, but when you put your time, energy, and effort into taking care of what’s right in front of you it will flourish and be beautiful.

Yes, it’s a choice to see the good in him, yes it’s a choice to not keep score in my marriage, and yes it’s a choice to give him grace, and yes it’s a choice to focus on the good in him, and yes it’s a choice to love him fiercely.

You can have a marriage where you still make out and write each other love notes because I do, and it’s a choice. Yes, it’s a choice to see the good in him, yes it’s a choice to not keep score in my marriage, and yes it’s a choice to give him grace, and yes it’s a choice to focus on the good in him, and yes it’s a choice to love him fiercely. If you are killing it in the marriage department congratulations because when mom and dad are well then guess what, the kids are well too. The best advice I have for couples is continue to date. You must date your spouse and make dating each other a priority.

I often get crazy looks when I tell people, Chris, is my number one, that man comes before any of our kids, work, charity event, laundry, dishes, car pool, book club, etc. Not in a weird I do everything and anything for him. Not at all, he comes first because he’s my best friend, my partner, the person that I get to create and experience this crazy, awesome life with.

Here’s 10 Date Ideas:

  1. Cooking Class Together
  2. Distillery or Brewer Tour and Tasting
  3. Winery (Pack a Picnic and Blanket)
  4. Progressive Dinner Out, go to 3 different restaurants one for appetizers, one for main course another for dessert
  5. Coffee Shop and plan a vacation or a dream vacation
  6. Enjoy a Dinner Theatre, Live Theatre Show, or Comedy Club
  7. Attend a Sporting Event
  8. Stay Home Alone Date- Ship the kids to grandparents for the night and snuggle in bed and watch movies and get takeout
  9. Couples Yoga Class (search local studios on Mindbody app)
  10. Water Park or Amusement Park Without Kids

We have a level of respect and understanding of each others love languages that gives us the upper hand to meeting each others needs. We know when to step in to help one another or back off to give space, we have the ability to communicate about really hard stuff with integrity and respect for each others opinions and perspectives.

I will continue to water my lawn and enjoy all the perks of having a well nourished marriage, because life is so fun spending everyday with someone I love fiercely. If your marriage needs your attention you must take action now, water your lawn and watch it grown and flourish. I highly recommend knowing and understanding you and your partners love languages. You can find them here five love languages. You and your partner can thank me later for this share! Now go date your husband, make out and snuggle my friend.

Much Love & Gratitude,


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