Random Act of Kindness and Boo Baskets

Random Acts of Kindness: I love love love doing Random Acts of Kindness, and I love even more how much my kids love to participate. One of my personal mom goals is to raise 4 kind kids, and one of the best ways to do that is to lead by example.

I try really hard each week to offer Random Acts of Kindness within our community with the help of my kids, so they have the experience of helping others and make being nice a habit. Sometimes we pay for other peoples meals at restaurants, hand out cash to panhandlers, in the Summer give cold water and snacks to people working in the heat, in the Winter we have scraped ice off all the teachers cars. It’s super duper important to me that my kids have a generous and helpful heart.  I believe that starts with me showing them how to love and help all people.

Halloween is a week away so we decided to make BOO Baskets. The kids created Halloween BOO baskets filled with treats and goodies.  They are going to leave them on unsuspecting neighbors front steps and then hopefully the neighbor will continue the Random Act of Kindness and make a Boo Basket for another neighbor. It’s a simple, fun way to show kindness within a neighborhood or community. Plus my kids think it’s super fun to sneak out late at night and deliver the BOO Baskets without getting caught!

Click the link below for a FREEBIE. I created 2 Boo Basket documents you can download and print for free, so you can make your own BOO baskets and spread kindness throughout your neighborhood and community.


You Have been Booed! PDF DOWNLOAD

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