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My name is Megan, I am a wife, mom, yoga instructor, life coach, entrepreneur and lover of food. I have spent the last 5 years designing and creating a life I love. My passion and purpose is to share the steps, tips, tools, offer advice, motivate, and encourage women just like you, so you can create and live a life you love.

Don’t spend another day in a career you don’t love, in a mediocre relationship, surviving parenting, wishing away the seasons of your life, waiting for the next thing, Stop right now sister, you deserve to BE HAPPY!!!

There is another way to live your life. I will help teach and guide you, because I want every woman to feel the same joy I was able to create once I started living with a plan, purpose, intention, and peace.

You only get one life my friend. I know you serve a great purpose on this Earth, but you must be brave with your life. You are ENOUGH and you are worthy of living your best life each and every day!

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