Morning Ritual

“Morning Glory!” That’s what my mom said to me every morning my entire childhood and still says to me to this day if my family spends the night at my parents house (like when we did because of the great flood of June 25th, 2018 – we will chat more about that in another post) or when we travel together.

So I Googled what does Morning Glory mean? My mom’s been saying this to me for 35 years and I feel confident coming from her it’s words of endearment. I got 2 very different answers thanks to Google…

First a Morning Glory is a flower which opens with the morning sun. I like this answer.

The second answer good ole Google gave was that Morning Glory is an early morning erection.

For this post let’s stick to the first answer. Morning Glory is a flower that opens with the morning sun. The sun rising is truly magical and can be beautiful when seen with the right mindset. When you begin living your life with intention and purpose the sun rising is another opportunity to live a day you don’t want to press snooze on.

Smile in the mirror. Do that every morning and you’ll start to see a big difference in your life.
Yoko Ono

If you have read any self help, personal growth or motivational books more are mentioning meditation and mindfulness as being one of the secrets to happiness. Trust me I am drinking that kool-aid. In my experience the way the day starts can be a good indication of how it will continue. In my old life I was woken up by kids, never on my terms, kids who needed me and wanted something from me, by a husband with “morning  glory” wink wink also needing and wanting me. That went on for years until I discovered a better way. Transforming my mornings completely changed my life. I created a morning ritual that was all about me. I start my day making sure my body, mind and spirit are ready and in the the right mindset to be the best version of myself each day. I want to share my secret with you and help you create a morning ritual of your own.


How to Create a Morning Ritual and Fall in Love with Mornings

Step 1 Get up and See the Sunrise

Set your alarm and wake up early. I suggest waking up the same time each day. I guarantee you, that 30 minutes of extra sleep has nothing on how awesome you will feel once you start implementing a morning ritual. Your mind, body and spirit are going to be nourished by carving out some time in your morning just for you!! Yep ritual “every morning” Don’t be scared, I challenge you to try the ritual you create for 7 days and if it doesn’t stick then switch it up. Don’t feel like a failure if you have to change up your morning ritual several times to find what’s right for you, it’s all good. On a side note your ritual may only be 10 minutes, that’s ok baby steps my friend. If you love your sleep start with a 10-15 minute morning ritual and then as you see the benefits you will want to wake up earlier and add to it.

What time are you going to wake up? _________________ (make this realistic and attainable)

How much time can you schedule for your morning ritual?__________________(make this achievable don’t set yourself up to fail)

Step 2 Write down 10 things That you could do in the Morning that Would Make You Feel Happy, Positive, Joyful “in a good mood”


  1. Do Yoga
  2. Drink Coffee
  3. Journal
  4. Read
  5. Meal Plan
  6. Listen to Audio Books or Podcast
  7. Pinterest Browse
  8. Study Nutrition
  9. Meditate
  10. Plan Yoga Classes

Step 3 Actively Practice Gratitude-MOST IMPORTANT STEP

Write 3 things every morning you are grateful for in a journal, write with a dry-erase marker on your bathroom mirror, say them out loud, just put those thoughts out in the universe. My favorite spin off to a gratitude journal is to send a thank you email, note, text or even letter, yes in the mail telling someone why you are grateful for them. People want to know and feel appreciated and it will make you feel good too. Starting the day with a grateful heart sets the tone for the day. When you have a mindset of gratitude you will begin to see the silver lining in difficult situation. With gratitude what we have becomes enough. Stick with me friend.


Step 4 Positive Affirmations to Yourself About Yourself Why?? Because You are Awesome

You can just say these out loud or write them down in your gratitude journal. Talk kindly to yourself. For example. I am peaceful. I am going to slay that noon meeting today. I am a great friend. I am generous. I am an awesome mom. I work hard to provide for my family. I am successful at life. I am Happy! I know it’s uncountable but we must learn to speak kindly to ourselves. You my dear, are your biggest investment and what you say to yourself and think about yourself is ultimately what you become and how others see you!


Step 5 Make a Plan. Let’s Create Your Morning Ritual.

Take 1 or 2 things from your Step 2 list, do those things, then write in your gratitude journal, last put out to the universe how freaking awesome you are.

  1. What time are you going to wake up?__________________ How much time will you allocate for your morning ritual?_______________
  2. What 1-2 things are you going to do in the morning that make you happy? 1._____________________ 2.___________________
  3. How are you going to actively practice gratitude? ________________________
  4. Why are you Awesome?? Say it, Think it, Write It, Put it out in the Universe.
  5. Bonus (details below) What Physical Activity are you going to do? _________________________


LAST, I highly recommend adding this BONUS step to your plan and do something physical; our bodies benefit from movement.

Maybe just 3 vinyasa flows, a walk around the neighborhood or on a treadmill. If you are a runner go for a jog, if you are a biker go ride, if you do Jazzercise or Zumba dance your heart out, just move your body. Movement helps clear the mind and you body will releases Serotonin which will bring on feelings of well being and happiness! That’s why  you don’t ever regrets working out because you feel so good after.


My Morning Ritual

  • Coffee-always first in a lovely mug that says something like “you are awesome”
  • Journal or create yoga plans while drinking coffee
  • Write in gratitude journal or send gratitude emails, text, notes while drinking coffee
  • Yoga
  • Words of Affirmation on my way home from yoga. That works for me because my heart is full from yoga, and I am alone in the car which never happens when you have 4 kids.

I encourage you to write your morning ritual down maybe with a dry erase marker on your mirror, or next to your bed. Keep it simple, don’t get frustrated if you have to keep trying different things till one sticks.

Disclosure social media, work emails and work can NOT be apart of your morning ritual it’s freaking hard but please please I beg of you don’t check social media, text messages or email prior to beginning your morning ritual. This ritual is designed to make your soul happy and set the mindset for the day. Social Media and work can bring on anxiety, stress, make you feel inadequate because that one gal is killing it in life and Pinteresting the heck out of her kids birthday! Friend, don’t go down that rabbit hole. You are worthy of your morning ritual and your kids, co-workers, partner, spouse, employees, guy driving next to you in rush hour, and cashier at Target, will all benefit when you feel happy and well!

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