Welcome to MYT Online Yoga Studio

I am over the moon excited for you to join me on this journey to create a virtual yoga studio and community. Like, seriously jumping up and down! I love teaching yoga, and I want to serve you the best I can so please send me any questions, feedback or suggestions to [email protected] . First, Join MYT Private Members Only Facebook Group that’s how I will communicate daily with you, no worries if you are not on Facebook. Next, you will get an email to subscribe to Megan’s Yoga Tribe Members Email List make sure to hit Yes, Subscribe me. I send out the monthly schedule via email, text and post on Facebook. Last, if you are like me and text is easier to communicate, because emails get lost in your inbox subscribe to MYT text list by texting: yogatribe to 474747. My goals for sending text messages are to help hold you accountable and make sure you know all the amazing classes and opportunities MYT online studio is offering.

My first goal for MYT membership program is to bring mindful yoga at a great value to your home, so you can practice at your convenience and safety. My second goal is to create community, my last goal and most important is to help you live your happiest, healthiest, and most abundant life. 

As a certified life coach and yoga instructor I will transform your body and mind each time we practice yoga together. All you need to do is show up to your mat. Let’s do this together!  

Please share this link MYT Membership program with your community and on social media to help grow this amazing Tribe! I have BIG goals for MYT Online Yoga Studio and need your help promoting and sharing.

Click here to purchase the MYT Members Yoga Prop Bundle for $65 (FREE shipping)

This bundle includes all the yoga props we will use in class. Props are optional.

MYT Members yoga prop bundle


Here are all the details to get started today with your virtual MYT membership! 


Class Schedule CST
Zoom Classes are 30-60 Minutes & class schedule subject to change monthly

Monday 6am Monday Mindset Vinyasa Flow Fusion 
Zoom Meeting ID: 828-1322-7308 Password: yoga
Direct Link to Class:

Monday 7pm Buti Yoga With Marjorie
Zoom Meeting ID: 825-2874-0562 Password: yoga
Direct Link to Class:

Tuesday 6am Yoga Sculpt Express (30 minutes)
Zoom Meeting ID: 899-7796-8281 Password: yoga
Direct Link to Class:

Wednesday 6am Hiit Fit Yoga 
Zoom Meeting ID: 876-7252-3716 Password: yoga
Direct Link to Class:

Thursday 6am Pilates/Yoga Fusion Flow
Zoom Meeting ID: 886-7124-8977 Password: yoga
Direct Link to Class:

Saturday 8am Barre with Hillary
Zoom Meeting ID: 851-9849-4569 Password: yoga

Direct Link to Class:

First Sunday of the Month 7:30pm Yin Yoga with Katie Brown (60 minute class)
Zoom Meeting ID: 812-7083-9405 Password: yoga
Direct Link to Class: 

Unlimited Access to All Recorded Zoom Classes 

(All Zoom Classes are Recorded and Available for You)

Here’s the link to Megan’s Yoga Tribe Exclusive Video Library.There are over 100 classes on demand.  Password: MYT


Megan’s Yoga Tribe Private Members Facebook Group

  • My goal for this group is to create community and accountability 

**To cancel your membership please email [email protected]