Life Coaching

Create and Live a Life You Love

What’s Life Coaching?

  • I help women turn their dreams into goals and create an action plan for each goal to make them their reality.
  • I help women identify and bring awareness to what’s been holding them back and keeping them stuck. Then, together we create a plan to move forward through those limiting beliefs and roadblocks.
  • I help women shift their mindset.
  • I help women create habits that are aligned with their goals, purpose, and passions.
  • I help women create a clear and focused vision of what they want to experience and how they want to feel.

My Role As Your Coach

  • Help you understand what you truly want in your life and help you make it real
  • Help you work through roadblocks and create new habits
  • Help you eliminate negative self talk and limiting beliefs
  • Help you identify and recognize triggers in your life that get in the way of you achieving your goals and living a life you love
  • Help you continue to audit your life; daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and update your goals and plans
  • Help you recognize and learn to shift and create a mindset of balance, abundance, gratitude and joy
  • Help hold you accountable

Ultimately my role as your coach is to help you close the gap between the life you are living now and the life you want to be living.

Should Your Hire Me as Your Life Coach?

If you dream big and want to live your happiest, healthiest, most abundant life, you should hire me. If you want to live a life with balance, intention, purpose, and without regret, you should hire me. If you are willing to work hard and invest in yourself to live your best life, you should hire me. My purpose on this Earth is to raise 4 kind, loving kids, love my husband fiercely, and help women just like you create and live a life they love. I care deeply about my clients and their success. I want my clients to wake up everyday with a plan, purpose, heart full of gratitude, be healthy and feel happy and joy.

Ready to Create and Live A Life You LOVE?

I am excited to help you design, navigate, and create a life you love living with intention and purpose. Your health and happiness are worth the investment, You deserve to live your happiest, healthiest most abundant life. Now is the time to stop surviving and wishing away the seasons, feeling stuck, or without focus or purpose. It’s time to start living your best life, let’s go, TAKE ACTION!



It’s hard to put a dollar amount on happiness, and I feel that my life coaching programs are a minimal investment for the amount of knowledge, attention, life changing, world rocking, goal crushing, loving life you will experience when working with me. Life coaching is an investment in living your happiest, healthiest, most abundant life.

Coaching options

minimum of a 3 month commitment

Plan 1
$350 per month
1 FaceTime or video call per month (30 minutes)
3 phone calls per month
(30 minutes per call)
Correspondence and Content sent via email and text weekly

Plan 2
$300 per month
1 FaceTime or Video call per month (30 minutes)
2 phone calls per month
(30 minutes per call)
Correspondence and Content sent via email and text weekly

Plan 3
$250 per month
2 phone calls per month
(30 minutes per call)
Correspondence and Content sent via email and text weekly

Referral Program
Refer a Friend and if they sign up for a 3 month plan you receive $50 off your next plan.

Weeks 1-12

Week 1
Initial Questions
4 Must Do Things
Focus Word
Morning Ritual

Week 2
Morning Ritual Reflection
Enneagram Personality Test
Energy/Time Audit
Creating New Habits & Shifting Your Mindset

Week 3
Creating a Positive Relationship with Food
Food Mantra
Money/Audit Turning Wealth into Well-Being

Week 4
Journaling Prompts to lead you into creating your life plan
Identify Fears, Triggers & Limiting Beliefs

Week 5
Time To Create Your Life Plan for the next 12 months

Week 6
Continue Creating Your Plan and FaceTime or In Person Meeting to Review Final Plan

Week 7
Break Down Current Month’s Goals into Mind Mapping

Week 8
Sunday’s Are for Scheduling, Preparation, and Planning. Weekly Goals.
Start Living A Life You LOVE and Planned

Weeks 9-11
Live A Life You Love with Intention, Balance, Grace, Joy and Happiness

Week 12
Review 1st Month’s Goals and do a Goal Audit

* Timeline is subject to change based on client’s goals

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