Do you have an unhealthy relationship with your scale?  Does the number on your scale make you feel bad about yourself?  Does weighing yourself  have a negative impact on your entire day? If so it’s time to break up with your scale. Your self worth can not be determined by a number on a scale. 

It's time to focus on how you feel and not what number is on the scaleIt’s time to focus on how you feel and if you have the energy to live an active life. Your scale does not know your self worth, and you have to stop giving it that power.  Your scale should not be responsible for making you feel good or bad about yourself, stop letting it take away your joy. Your scale does not know where you have been and where you are going, stop letting it make you feel like a failure. 

If  you weigh yourself daily and that number does not reflect what you think it should you are more likely to make poor food choices or skip workouts because the scale didn’t show up the way you wanted it to. Don’t give the scale any power over you.  Stop letting your scale control how you feel about yourself, what food you put into your body, and if you skip your workout. Start taking control of how you feel and look by staying active, eating well, drinking water and sleeping enough. If you do those things you won’t need to rely on a scale for validation, because you will feel good and have energy.

Steps to help you break up with your scale:

  1. Remove your scale from your life or bathroom (take it to the Goodwill if you are tempted to step on it)
  2. Shift your mindset about your weight. Stop focusing on a number but how you feel and look in your clothes and skin. 
  3. Eat mostly whole food. Food is fuel for your body but can also be yummy.
  4. Keep moving you must be active every single day. I suggest 30 minutes of aerobic (heart rate gets up) exercise 5 times a week. The other 2 days gentle yoga, a walk or deep stretching.

You no longer need to “check in” with your scale daily. Start checking in with yourself. You are the keeper of your happiness, not your scale. Ask yourself these questions. How do you feel? Do you have energy?  Do you feel good in your clothes?  

If you are feeling sad over the breakup with your scale or struggling parting ways let’s get coffee or FaceTime and chat about it! I need you to know that you are worth so much more than a number.

Much Love & Gratitude,


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