I tell women if you want to feel and look better do these 4 things everyday: sleep 7+ hours, eat mostly whole foods, drink 8 8oz glasses of water, exercise a minimum of 30 minutes. This Hello New Me journal tracks all of those 4 things and keeps it so simple!

I love love love the simplicity of this journal, and I have all my life coaching clients use this amazing tool. It’s one page for each day for 90 days. You write down your meals, snacks, exercise, sleep, water, and mood. It’s brilliant! This journal helps hold you accountable and on track with your health and wellness goals, brings awareness to how you feel when you are exercising and eating well compared to days you don’t, and hopefully helps you make healthier choices about what food you put into your mouth since you will have to write down that extra long chili cheese coney with onions!  I can not say enough great things about this journal, and I am so excited to share it with you friends! Click the picture below and order yours today! If you have Amazon Prime you will get it in 2 days!! Whoop Whoop.

Much Love & Gratitude, Megan 


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