Girlfriend it’s almost Spring Break and Summer is right around the corner it’s time to put on your swimsuit. Yes, you and if you are reading this you are most likely a mom or maybe will be someday. If you are a mom you probably have some stretch marks and by some I mean possibly a roadmap covering your butt or belly. You may have ones in crazy places the pregnancy books failed to mention, for me my inner thighs are covered with those lovely purple marks. Maybe since brining your bundle of joy (s) into this world your boobs are less perky and full, you might have a belly pooch just to name of few of the “perks” that happen to our bodies from having kids.  I have 4 kids.  Yes, I know that’s a lot of kids. My first 3 came out my vagina, and I didn’t have a 6 pack before or after but my belly was kinda flat. Then came baby number 4 (Four NO More) they had to cut him out of me, and I was left with a shelf from the incision right above my vagina. Sexy, Right?   I have been told it can only be fixed with a tummy tuck, so I think for now I will just accept the shelf.  If you can not relate and your post baby body shows no signs you birthed a human, congrats.  My body is strong, amazing and it grew 4 of my most favorite humans.  I feel like a hot momma in a swim suit stretch marks and all. My secret is I invest in quality swimsuits that make me feel sexy and confident and you should too.

I don’t just mean put on any swimsuit put on a swim suit that makes you feel like the goddess you are. Stop buying Cupshe swimsuits or anything off Amazon that’s cheap and  takes 4-6 weeks to arrive and are wrapped in  packages clearly  from China. Those suits are not made with the quality, stitching, fabric and care your beautiful body needs. Those suits may only cover one butt cheek, even though you ordered 5 sizes too big based on the online sizing guide. You know what I am talking about and maybe you didn’t even go through the trouble of sending back the ill-fitting, cheap swimsuits and they are stashed in a drawer.

You deserve to go to the pool, beach, lake, river, kiddie pool, waterpark,  sprinkler, water table in your backyard in a suit that makes you feel confident. Invest in a suit that is made with fabric and cut that showcases what you love about your body.  Bottom line every BODY can wear a swimsuit you just need to find the right one that makes you feel comfortable and sassy.

Mom suit verse sex pot suit. Ok ladies, you need both. I have this thing the crazier the tan lines the more scandalous the suit! I love suits with lots of cutouts, deep plunging necklines to show off my cleavage, who am I kidding I have no cleavage. I have lots of sex pot suits, and love packing those beauties  for a vacation with the husband or a girlfriend getaway. Then you  need a neighborhood pool suit, a suit that will stay in place while you wrestle a toddler to put on sunblock or water wings. A suit that still makes you feel like the goddess you are but a nip won’t slip when you get tagged in a competitive game of marco polo.

So momma friend put on your damn swimsuit and not one that makes you feel less than the beautiful, sexy woman you are. Your body has grown and birthed humans and may have battle wounds to show for it. I encourage you to invest in yourself and splurge on a quality  swimsuit; you are worth it dear friend.

I have compiled a list of my favorite brands of suits, and I would love for you to share your favorite brand of swimsuits with me.

Nanette Lepore  -Amazing cuts and patterns, sexy but neighborhood pool appropriate 

Athleta-Perfect for yoga on the beach or paddle board, super flattering and fabric stays put

Trina Turk-Patterns are bright and colorful, fit and cuts are flattering and sexy

La Blanca -Great fabrics and super slimming for body after baby

BLEU ROD BEATTIE-Sexy and elegant suits with beautiful fabrics and flattering cuts



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