Don’t Be A Shit Magnet

I believe with every ounce of my being that what you focus on you create more of in your life. I also believe to be true that what you put out into the universe find its way back to you. Those two truths led to a fun evening discussion with Olivia 12 and Owen 8 last night before bed. One of my missions in life is to raise 4 kind, loving, kids and my big kids are getting to the age where they have figured me out. If they are willing to listen to me preach about kindness, love, acceptance, equality, yoga, energy, grace, living well, being happy, integrity, etc they get to stay up way past their bedtimes. I think this is a win win for both. I get to preach about topics that I find so flipping important, and unfortunately they are not being taught in school and they get to stay up late.

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.

Willie Nelson

Last nights conversation  went something like this. Hey kids don’t be a shit magnet. Their mouths dropped, I mean their mom just said the “SH” word and not because I locked my keys in the car or the dishwasher has flooded my entire house. I said it to get their attention and as the entry to a conversation that I feel is relevant at their age and all ages. I told my two elementary school age kids the same thing I tell my middle age clients.  Let me tell you the earlier in your life you make this your truth the sooner the universe will have you back. What you put out into the universe will come back to you. If your life is filled with chaos, negativity, judgement, drama, and that’s the energy you are putting out into the world, and if you spend time focusing on those toxic things that’s what’s going to fill up your life.  What you focus on you create more of. This is the law of attraction, and I know it to be my truth and you should too.

I am sure you know that person whose life is always in crisis, or that friend that can always one up you with their life’s drama, or that person who puts on social media all their dirty laundry. Those people are shit magnets. They are spending time and energy focusing on negativity, drama, misfortunes, and while doing so they are ultimately creating more toxicity in their lives. If you focus on all the bad stuff the bad stuff keeps knocking at your door. A little bit of advice next time you are listening to a friends drama suggest they try solving some of their problems and focus on solutions for all their misfortunes.  Instead of putting all their energy into the problems.


For shock purposes I told my kids if you are walking around being mean, negative, spreading rumors, gossiping, complaining, being hurtful, and putting shit out into the world that shit will come right back and hit you in the face. Mouth drop from both my kids. Mom said the “SH” word two more times.  It’s now 30 minutes passed their bed times and I am feeling good about this late night convo.

Friends, I watch this happen in peoples lives they self destruct and sabotage living a happy life by having a bad attitude, and being negative. The universe has your back if you put positivity kindness, and love out in it. Those good vibes will come knocking at your door.  Don’t be a shit magnet.

Much Love & Gratitude,


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