Disconnect To Reconnect

Be Mindful and Intentional About The Time You Spend On Your Phone

Society has a funny way of excepting us to be productive 24/7 thanks to technology. 

We have access to our email, social sites, blogs, websites, games, movies at our fingertips almost every waking moment. 

We have allowed ourselves to create and conform to this new norm that we are available, and should respond promptly to work and social correspondence no matter if it’s the weekend, evening or 5am.

The idea that you have to always be connected and available is bananas . This idea is stealing time with our kids, partners, friends, and ourselves.

This idea that you must respond to every email, text message, instant message, direct message, like and wink, is one reason parents are not playing, interacting and engaging with their kids. 

It’s one of the reasons couples out to eat are sitting across from each other both on their phones, not talking. 

Distraction because technology has become a cycle. Parents are getting kids phones of their own at younger ages, and I am terrified on the affect phones are having on our relationships. 

Technology is a constant distraction and our kids and partners just want our attention.

If you have created bad phone habits and struggle with disconnecting from your phone.  I suggest setting boundaries and times to use technology.

Try this no technology timeline for a week and see how you, your kids, your partner feel when you are more intentional about time spent on your phone.

Mornings: No technology while getting kids ready, eating breakfast, morning routine. Take that time to talk and connect with your kids and partner. Plus work emails can bring on stress and anxiety that can shape your mornings and affect how you are reacting and interacting with your kids, just say no to checking emails because most can wait an hour.


Evenings: No technology for 2 hours. The 2 hour block will vary depending if you stay home, work outside the home, have a billion kids activities, etc. Try to block out 2 hours when your entire fam is home together. I know for some nights that’s not possible. Those 2 hours will give you time to talk to your kids and partner about their days and to play, interact and be fully present with them.

Nighttime: No technology in bed. Relationships take work and when you add a constant distraction like a phone  in your bed it stops communication and intimacy from happening, and you are not able to give your relationship the attention it needs.

My life is fantastically busy with 4 kids, and if your life is anything like mine some days bedtime is the only time I get to be alone with my husband. Please, please don’t let meaningless distractions take that time you could be nourishing your relationship away from you.

If you are tempted to reach for your phone plug it in away from your bed, so it’s not in arms reach! Go snuggle  with your partner that is way more satisfying than mindlessly strolling social media.

It’s my truth that the relationships I make in my life are what really matter, and are most important to me. This idea that we have to be connected 24/7 to technology to feel happy, relevant, important, needed, or just numb has to get under control.

I am not saying technology is forbidden or bad. I am just urging you to be more mindful and intentional about when and how much you are allowing yourself to be distracted by it. Your kids, partner, friends want to spend time with you!


Much Love & Gratitude,





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