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I help women create and live a life they LOVE through life coaching and yoga.
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I'm Megan, a Mom on a Mission

I am a mom of 4, wife, yoga instructor, life coach, entrepreneur, lover of life, on a mission to help other women create and live a life they LOVE. Yoga and cooking are my therapy, I love dating my husband, my cocktail of choice is vodka water with a lime and lemon, spending quality time with my girlfriends sets my soul on fire, and the hardest thing I do each day is parent. My purpose is to help women create and live a life they LOVE through life coaching and yoga! I am passionate about helping women turn their dreams into goals that become their reality. 

“Find Your Tribe and Love Them Well” is one of my favorite quotes.

Much Love & Gratitude,


Why Hire Me As Your Life Coach?

    • I help women turn their dreams into goals and create an action plan for each goal to make them their reality.


    • I help women identify and bring awareness to what’s been holding them back and keeping them stuck. Then together we create a plan to move forward through those limiting beliefs and roadblocks.


    • I help women shift their mindsets.


    • I help women create habits that are aligned with their goals, purpose, and passions.


  • I help women create a clear and focused vision of what they want to experience and how they want to feel.

Why Practice Yoga With Me?

  • I will serve you, listen to your yoga goals, and design practices that will nourish your body and mind.


  • I live in a no judgement zone no matter if you are an expert yogi or a newbie you are part of my tribe.


  • I will transform your body and mind each time we practice yoga together.


  • I offer easy to follow cues, modifications and the motivation through my language and flows to challenge you while still honoring your body and mind.


  • I will teach you proper yoga alignment and help you progress in your practice.


  • I am easy to connect with and with my tools as a certified life coach and yoga instructor I will help you feel strong, empowered, balanced, and peaceful after each practice together.

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Megan has made such an impact to my life. I’ve been blessed over the last few years with Megan as a yoga teacher, life coach, and friend. Professionally she provides my company with wonderful yoga classes and life planning retreats. Personally she is an exceptional life coach- she truly wants you to be happy and filled with joy.

Her lust for life is contagious. After time spent with Megan, my cup is filled and I have passion and tools to live my best life.

Kirby Welsh

Owner, Vintage Chic Scents

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